Marketing vs. Branding

If you're in the business world, you've most likely heard the terms marketing and branding. Both elements are crucial to building a reputable name in your industry, but each has very different meanings.

The process of solidifying a sale is long. The saying nothing in life comes easy couldn't be more true when building a company, and knowing the difference between marketing and branding is a great start.

Branding is what I like to call the 'handshake' introduction of a company. It's not the push to buy a product or service but the pull. For example, I follow a friend on social media, continually posting about her boutique. Even though I've seen other clothing options that might be less expensive, I want to buy from her because of her brand.

Can someone without a good or service still use marketing? Absolutely! We're continually branding ourselves to sell despite not having a tangible item or service. Being hired for a job or winning a pageant are great examples of marketing yourself without selling a product or service.

Let me deliver a brief marketing statement for those looking to increase your organic branding through social media; let's chat. I would love to help!

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