Leader on and off the stage


In 2021, it's no secret that social media is a missed opportunity for marketing and advertising your brand. Social media marketing aims to find your customers and your potential audience to build brand awareness and, in the future, sell a product or service. This marketing technique has been a priority for countless business owners for years.

As a non-business owner, the idea of social media marketing can sound irrelevant. I'm here to tell you despite not having an offer to sell, we are constantly marketing our brand to others, and social media is the vehicle that helps deliver the message.

If you think about it, we are continually marketing ourselves; take this example into account. You've just started a new relationship. You bring the family a cake the first time you meet them because you hope to win them over. BOOM, you've just marketed yourself to the family.

Utilizing social media to help market your brand is more significant now than ever before. This demand is why I have started supporting small business owners and pageant ladies in their pursuit to capitalize on an online audience.

In the pageant world especially, I noticed a great need for social media coaching and mentoring resources. Throughout my reign as Miss Virginia USA 2018, I realized that social media plays a vital part in your ability to impact those around you. Are you trying to raise money for cancer research? Well, you're in luck! There are billions of users on social media platforms daily, and I'm sure a handful of them would love to help.

Leading up to Miss USA, I spent numerous hours with sponsors and coaches to help perfect my performance on stage but what I found interesting was the scarcity of guidance for everything off stage. You have 90 seconds with the judges during the interview and maybe 120 seconds, give or take, during evening gown and swimsuit.

Now you might be thinking, 'well, you're not judged on social media,' and while that might be true, we can control the potential opportunity of having our social media glanced at by a judge before or during the pageant. If a competitor walks into the interview room and talks about specific things, social media should reflect her 'brand.'

Social media also helps 'paint the full picture' for a contestant. If you're able to showcase your best attributes and all the things you support before competition weekend, this builds accountability.

'A judge can walk away knowing that the girl selected for the job will uphold the duties and responsibilities because her social media has created reputability.'

Also, as a titleholder, we are given more or less 365 days to make an impact. Especially given the conditions we're navigating with the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual engagement is vital to showcasing your events and appearances to create extensive outreach and support.

Before posting content on social media, let's ask ourselves will this photo serve my audience and my 'brand.'

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